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Vicente Amigo

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Vicente Amigo

Posted on 15 October 2010 by Kavselj

Vicente Amigo is one of the most important and progressive artists in modern Flamenco and also a very influential guitar player. Among his successes in music field the thing that stands out the most is probably winning a Latin Grammy but he also received many other prestigious flamenco awards. His main influences were logically Paco de Lucia and his long-time mentor Manolo Sanlucar.

The concert in Open Air Theater Krizanke was a special privilege for Slovenian audience since he is not touring much this summer. It was quite normal that it was almost exclusively in line with his current album Paseo de Grazia (Walking Grace) but also preforming few songs from Un momento en el sonido (A Moment in Sound). Paseo de Grazia is special album in Vicentes discography featuring many collaborations and guests and as such it evoked many different critics. Even if it might be a small step outside his combination of tradition and innovation, this time this is a step that is good for us.

Concert started with only Vicente on stage (and unfortunately a bit loud traffic outside the theater). His opening song was a beautiful piece from Un Momento en el sonido ‘Mezquita’. Start was slow and lyrical and it made nice grounds for special experience. Interpretation was fabulous and playing impeccable.

At the end of the song the band came to the stage and show continued more diverse with two percussionists, bass player, guitar player and singer. Crowd was a bit reserved at the start and Vicente was still catching the right relationship with us. But incredible music inevitable led to this unique bond. As there is a lot of singing (free and rhythmic) on new album this was also very present at this show, creating many special moments. For me the highlight of the night was incredible interpretation of Autorretrato. Sound of the flamenco cante is always very expressive and singer didn’t hold any horses down. Even if in a moment or two it was rather high for him, its the one to cry to…

Musicians were enjoying themselves as they also demonstrated ‘amateurish’ flamenco dancing in the end. They were a bit shy, but it was all in the line of intimate and sweet atmosphere. Really nice spontaneous gesture for the audience. The concert quickly passed with lovely boleros, rumbas, tangos from new album and even though it wasn’t so crowded, the beautiful atmosphere led to four bises and concert ending with ‘Demipati’ from Un momento en el sonido. If they are near you sometimes its highly recommended concert as I am quite sure its always special experience.

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Pat Metheny Group @ Krizanke

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Pat Metheny Group @ Krizanke

Posted on 28 January 2010 by Kavselj

Its hard to summarize Pat Metheny’s work as his consistent quality doesn’t allow much omission. With 17 Grammy awards in styles from Rock to Jazz and collaborations with musicians like Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Ornette Coleman I will only present a small part of his works with his Group. Pat Metheny actually formed his Group with album called ‘WaterColors‘ even if this one wasn’t carrying the groups name. Band was originally formed with musicians Lyle Mays on keys, Mark Egan (Eberhard Weber preformed on Watercolors) on Bass and Dan Gottlieb on drums and had many various jazz musicians featuring on 15 albums till date. Watercolors was turning point in many ways as it practically defined new musical form blending folk, world, pop, rock and electro elements with jazz. Their unique style was widely recognized with first official release ‘Pat Metheny Group‘. This album is still reference to jazz musicians that are searching for new musical expression and was real revolution in that period especially because of the strange sound as Metheny and Mays used different synths and effects (for example Synclavier). It marked Metheny as ‘new age’ jazz musician, and evoked different reactions among traditional jazz scene.

Their first album that received Grammy award was Offramp where Mark Egan was replaced by current band member bassist Steve Rodby. The album starts with beautiful string theme from Lyle but true character was given with unforgettable piece that revealed the true soul of Metheny. Starting slow atmospheric and building the tune into something gloriously ascendant and groovy that after 9 minutes leaves you begging for more.

Next stop on exploring various styles around the world was Brazilian influenced ‘Still Life (Talking)‘. Metheny describes it as one of three most important records of the Group (besides First Circle and Letter from Home). There are at least two grand and unforgettable moments with Minuano (Six Eight) and epic Last train home.

This record was also important because of quite extensive use of vocals and vocal effects, that gives it even wider perspective.

‘We live here’ is a great project where synergistic effects of collaboration with Lyle Mays came to its peak. With many guest artists performing this is by some critics the most difficult work to love. But with ‘To the End of the World’ its also one of the essential records to have in your collection. We live here was followed by the extensive world tour and beautiful documentary was done from it. Drummer on this release was Paul Wertico that has replaced Gotllieb from ‘First Circle’ on.

part 1 of 11

Latest masterpiece is dated to 2005. ‘The Way up’ is almost 70 minutes long piece that is split into four tracks and shows the groups ability to improvise in harmonic and dynamic aspect. Antonio Sanchez that joined the band with ‘Speaking of now’ strongly affirms himself here and all the other members progress and create this unbelievable work.

Even if it’s not in the Groups frame I have to at least mention latest Metheny solo project. Orchestrion is by far the most complex project and best described from Pat himself.

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Hype in the Sky

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Hype in the Sky

Posted on 05 October 2010 by Kavselj

Clip no.2.

Dressing up our favourite Seal break with Mark Hype…

Danaja.. . ..Hype in the Sky by MentalCandy

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Vicente Amigo – Krizanke – 10 June 2010

Posted on 10 June 2010 by Lunik

Vicente Amigo
Thursday, June 10, 2010
20:00 - All Ages
Krizanke (map)
Trg francoske revolucije

Ljubljana, Slovenia 1000

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