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Sunchase – Static Nitro

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Sunchase – Static Nitro

Posted on 01 June 2010 by Kavselj

Static Nitro Cover

The days when UK was the center of drum’n'bass scene are long gone. Eastern Europe certainly doesn’t spring to mind when it comes to drum’n'bass but with all talent hidden there it might just be enough to claim the throne. Sunchase isn’t a new name on the scene. Hailing from Ukraine he started producing back in 2003 and his discography includes many releases on labels such as Fokuz, Citrus, Drone Audio etc. A mixture of drum’n'bass and techno sounds are usually his trademark but Static Nitro is a completely different story. And it works out great.

14 tracks (3 bonus tracks are exclusive on digital release) serve as a showcase for his non-techno influenced tranquil side. Deep rolling basslines serving as a base, each track features it’s own story that makes it unique. Violet and Restored blow you away with the piano inserts and drops and you suddenly wish the feeling would never end.

Away From Here and Mountain Top use vocals to capture the listener in a state of tranquility. Keyring and Dew Point aren’t drum’n'bass but when you listen to the album you don’t even notice the transition between the genres when they come up. The same goes for every track. While being completely unique yet sharing the same effect by keeping it deep and minimalistic at times.

Sunchase is without a doubt a name to follow in the future. It’s hard to compare it with other albums released this year so far, but it easily ranks among the best of them. A 90 minute journey that leaves you craving for more. God bless whoever invented the repeat function.

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