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Alex Grenier – Boomerang

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Alex Grenier – Boomerang

Posted on 24 October 2010 by Kavselj

Has it ever happened to you, that you found a great piece of music by accident? Well, the other day it did happen to me and although I wasn’t really searching for it, I believe it’s no coincidence. It’s just a confirmation of a thought I’ve had, that you can’t find music, music finds you (and so does Chuck Norris:). However, this time I was found by Alex Grenier and his last album Boomerang, released in september 2009. Name the style as you prefer: nujazz, electro jazz, nufunk, acid jazz, electro groove, … doesn’t really matter, the point is it’s unquestionably funky!

The frontman, Alex, is a young french guitar player and a composer, whose passion for jazz and blues clearly shows where the influences came from. He started his musical path in 2002 as a co-founder and a member of a techno rock group called “Kham”. The band broke up in late 2007 which pointed him into a different direction. Along with DJ Sharklo he continued the journey under the name “Sharkee”¬†and by march 2008 the duo released a first real album I like this. Within the next year Sharkee became Alex Grenier, one thing led to another when in march 2009 the guitarist found himself surrounded by a brass section (three saxophones and a trumpet) and with the support of DJ Sharkloses scratching skills, the recording of Boomerang has begun. A third album is on the way, if everything goes as planned it will be out in september 2010.

Out of all 9 tunes, represented on Boomerang, I can say with almost absolute certainty that each one will put a smile on ones face. Deciding which track is the best can be quite challenging since the more you listen to them, the harder it gets to pick one out. Funky groove, catchy riffs, driving melodies, jazzy solos with a bluesy touch and quality scratches on all the right places is what determines them all. And all are most certainly big dancefloor killers!

The groove will make you move … Listen, smile and dance.

1. This Way (2:28)
2. The Return Of Blues Bob (3:01)
3. Easy (5:19)
4. Let’s Take (4:47)
5. Deep Dance (3:43)
6. Disko Track (2:55)
7. Beat Down (3:39)
8. Explosion (2:48)
9. Boomerang (5:10)

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