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Parov Stelar Interview

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Parov Stelar Interview

Posted on 02 October 2010 by Kavselj

Interview with Marcus F├╝reder (Parov Stelar) conducted at SpringTen festival in Graz. The event was outstanding, with exception of too-crowded entrance. Energy at Orpheum was out of space, and also crews reception made it for us. Special thanks goes to Boris.



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Lynx and Kemo Interview

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Lynx and Kemo Interview

Posted on 23 October 2010 by Kavselj

Lynx and Kemo are artists from England that are primary into drum and bass but also working and preforming in different electronic genres. They started to work together in 2007 and released album The Raw Truth last year. They preformed live at last Tabassco in June 2010.

Part 1

Part 2

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