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Chook – The Cocoon

Posted on 19 October 2010 by Kavselj

The Cocoon Cover

Old saying goes that the best things come in small packages. Luxembourg definitely counts as a small package considering it’s size, but it’s also the homeland of Chook. He maybe isn’t the first artist you think of when someone mentions drum’n'bass but his work definitely won’t be overlooked by any serious basshead.
He debuted in 2004 under an alias Full Force which is also the name of the label he runs. Later he started using his current alias Chook and first release under that alias was on Mayhems label Shadow Law. After nearly 5 years of 12″ releases he finally released an album called The Cocoon in early 2010.

Album was released in 3 parts follwed by a full release with 2 extra tracks on 17th May 2010. First part consisted of Optimus Prime and Shades of Orange in collaboration with Aquatek. Influence of techno can be felt in both while maintaining the distinct Chook style.

Grayskull presents us with an epic intro from the well known cartoon He-Man right before it drops us into the dark neurofunk abyss. A quality dancefloor smasher that doesn’t let go until the end.

Times when albums only consisted of one genre are long over. Chook is no exception and offers a candy with the minimal techno flavour. Toontown and Time Running Backwards both make that crunchy sound when going down our ear canals and fit perfectly with the other drum’n'bass tracks.

Even though it’s a short album with only 8 tracks it goes well with the saying quality over quantity. Every track delivers a high level of production while staying true to his style. In the times where even drum’n'bass is facing the phenomenon of commercialization Chook shows us that with good production there is no need for a compromise.

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