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Lynx @ K4

Posted on 04 October 2010 by Kavselj

Lynx is known as ultimate producer of deep and minimal drum and bass. But was it always like this? Whats quite funny is that his first pseudonym was Sicknote and I am quite sure he got it from Ed Rush & Optical. If you look at his discography first releases were brought out in 2001/02 when his main sparring partner was DJ Skinny (better known as Nu Balance and his strong collaborations with Friction). It’s not hard to notice that style was a bit different and it has evolved miles since then. Especially for the sound since the first releases had bass lines and rhythm sections that were quite in the manor of the times, yet musically on high level.

Next period was mostly marked by two collaborators Flow and Fatal. He did some tunes with Flow that lean more towards the ‘liquid’ (soulful) sound (Time Out was more noticed one) and with Fatal he tried more rough and hard sound, which was probably a turn in the wrong direction. But 2007 made it all right again. He joined the crew at Soul:R (run by Marcus Intalex and St Files) and his path also crossed with MC Kemo.

The synergy between two artists that are really into deep and subtle sounds is incredible and while it is a bold statement, we can say that new sound and new era were born in drum and bass. This goes especially to massive hit of that year, which was without Kemo, but it truly paved the path for this new sound in the music genre. Disco Dodo.

The following year served us some great collaborations. And what do we get when artist like Lynx joins beats with artist like Nu:Tone? Nothing less than a masterpiece. Deep bass, breaky rhythm, minimal pads and strings. Everything is just where it is supposed to be.

The Raw truth was debut album for Lynx and Kemo. Put out on Soul.R and featuring artists like Alix Perez, Henree and DRS was yet another beat towards the essential things in music and in drum and bass. With very consistent play list it is a good example of sharing good things in life and with their new label Detail they only reconfirm that attitude towards the fans of meaningful sound. Yes, The heart is in the details.

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