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Noisia @ Vienna (01/05/2010)

Posted on 03 October 2010 by Kavselj

On the 1st of May, our like-minded Austrian neighbours, known as Mainframe, hosted one of the biggest names in the world of drum and bass, Noisia. Event was set at Arena in Vienna,  the squatted slaughterhouse, which has been supporting cultural and social activities for over 30 years and now consists of 5 event areas, along with three arts/music halls, one out door stage and an open air cinema.

When we got there, the party was just getting started. The austrians once again proved to be quite open and friendly, the only disadvantage was their weak english which made it slightly difficult to communicate (as our german is not that perfect as well). Putting the language skills aside, the communication on the dancefloor was something else. Although the number of people crowded on the main floor was near the halls maximum, we found it really easy to mingle ourselves to the front. And in just a matter of seconds we were in the same groove, not minding our personal space getting smaller and smaller. We were very well warmed up when one of the three Noisia representatives, Thijs, came on stage. His opening had a hiphopish vibe, first tune was from a project they’ve been working on with UK hip hop group Foreign Beggars, named Contact. This intro made the crowd go mental and from this moment on we were stuck on the dancefloor.

The set was a mixture of all styles, from hiphop to drumnbass to breakbeat, supported by hardhitting beats and funky basslines, so we just had to move. One way or the other, since Thijs didnt approve of people sitting on the stage and he simply kicked them off. The energy was amazing, everybody was dancing, screaming, jumping, waving hands, including the main guest, who was clearly in a good mood, as well. The non-musical highlight of the night was definitely his stage diving scene, which made this evening truly special, since I have never seen anything like this before at a drumnbass event. As far as the musical highlights of the evening are concerned there are too many to list, so let me just say that Noisia is a MUST see for every break(bass)head.

The stage dive:

The intro tune:

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