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Sub Focus @ K4

Posted on 07 May 2010 by Lunik

To Slovenian club K4, this Saturday (8.5.) comes the greatest one in drum and bass, of last season, Sub Focus. In promotional material that was released from promoter of this event, there is vivid introduction: »Until he came, everything was like sad clowns on flashy roundabout with candy floss and lemonade. You could get only nightmares, diabetes or diarrhea from that. But thanks god, history leaves behind all bad, and it is lost somewhere in sea of every day’s trash. And when all faceless entertainers are tired, from sub state doesn’t comes the enemy but Focus. Sub Focus.«

But is Nick Douwma, really that different from those ‘sad clowns’ in dnb scene? For him it started, with Andy-C and RAMs sister label Frequency with Down the drain/Hot Line in 2003. As the Andy C saw Down the drain as a headliner on this release, as it was more in the spirit of the times, surprisingly Hot Line had more long term impact on the scene. Why? From my point of view, this one is really the difference that intro text talks about.

It probably continues the golden ‘hardstep’ era, that was conceived in late 90’ with ed rush & optical, kemal, konflict, usual suspects, bad company and others, and was unfortunately brought almost to the knees few years later. Also second release from Sub Focus is in that manor. On a side more jump upish tune Acid Test and again the real beauty on b side, Get On Up, this time whit nice groovy liquid pattern.

Third one on frequency tells the whole story. Sub Focus is diverse, and can do many genres properly. Junglish SoundGuy and clone of jumpup BlueNote are today seen as classics in the drum and bass. And so it should be, because we were waiting for the shit to end. And it probably stopped a bit with this.

Sure, there is a lot of unwelcome jumpup going on even in this days, but jumpup probably also has two sides.

X-ray was too big for frequency. Even if it’s not my kind of gear, I think RAM is only logical choice. I don’t know if it came at the right time but first place on uk dance chart is definitely thing to be proud of.  Even if its doesn’t mean anything to lovers of drum and bass. Through that 2005 was very fruitfull for Sub Focus, as he was asked to do Prodigy’s  Smack my bitch up remix. A massive one indeed.

In 2006 he was the future with Airplane. If you listen to current ‘liqud-jumpup’ Airplane was their predecessor. The one on b side Flamenco, with nearly flamenco guitar riff, was logically more popular. A bit to cheesy sound of the guitar is thing to look away, but it does the thing with nice harmony in second part.

In strangely periodical manor he released the worst one Special place but on B side another totally different story with hard, uncompromised Druggy.

As one no. one was not enough uk chart accepted Time Warp there also. Tune was big, played probably at every dnb event at least twice in 2007.

No special word is needed for this one as for the biggest of Sub Focus – Rock It which was also among top 40 singels in the UK.

With This Could be real he stepped towards another field – dubstep. Even song has popy lyrics, it can hardly be described as popy, especial because of really sick bassline. Another example of nice, clean genre crossing.

And than came Focus. Sub Focus. The rest you know.

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